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Utility Apps are amazing helpers to make your PC/iPhone/Android etc. even smarter. From Flashlights to Calculators to protecting your device's private data, I've got you some of them. In this AppList, I've got really interesting apps for your PC especially for Windows 8.1 OS.Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer.

Some of Utility Apps

These are some Utility Apps for Windows 8.1 OS. These apps are very useful apps and are used in the daily life of a businessman and other people too.

Office 365

For many Business users, Microsoft Office has become one of the most critical Business tool used for day - to - day operations. Office 365 continues this trend with a new update to its most popular product after Windows. Office 365 takes a familiar interface and integration OneDrive for portability between the device and the ability to go completely offline.


Microsoft revealed OneDrive (previously called SkyDriveto compete with Google Drive and DropBox. While OneDrive offers half of the space as compared to Google Drive. The seamless integration between Windows 8.1/Microsoft Office and OneDrive cannot be matched by cloud storage providers. As long as you are connected Windows 8.1 simply integrates OneDrive just like a USB drive or local drive.


Msecure is a password manager with 256- bit encryption designed to protect your password information. Msecure offer simple interface with easy sorting ability to quickly find the login information you need. it also includes auto locking, password generator, and a self - destruct feature for too many wrong guesses. It is used by many users around the world, providing best time testedconvenient and secure solution for storing and syncing your information.

PDF Touch & Drawboard PDF

One of the most popular forms of exchanging documents in the business world is still the PDF format. PDF touch & Drawboard PDF allows the document to be marked up keeping your thoughts with the original document. PDF touch is down to earth markup application while Drawboard PDF is a bit more extensive in the features offered for a slightly higher price. It is a top paid PDF app to readannotate and mark up your PDF's. 

Rainbow Drive

Switching between accounts has never been as smooth as we would like, however, Rainbow Drive allows you have access to your cloud drives without that troublesome task. You can login all your cloud accounts in Rainbow drive and upload/Download, delete and share your files. Rainbow drive is simple to setup and supports all Google Drive, DropBox, BaiduYun for free, with categorization and link sharing features.

Some related Apps:

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