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We all use some or other social media platform. We all use or maybe saw a symbol called #Hashtag. So let's see how it started and became so popular.

Nowadays if you post something on facebook or twitter or even Instagram then you most probably use some hashtag #Vacation #Sunday #Nofilter #Mylife and more and more. So how it got started and also why we choose only # sign, not some other sign.

If you don't know, # sign also called pound sign to have very big importance in the computing world. In programming languages such c or c++ when we are required to include libraries, in the beginning, we use the # sign if ever done coding.

We are using the hashtag today but the original idea came in 2007. On Twitter, a user thought of this idea that if we want to highlight some particular event, what people are writing about that event or a particular thing so this can be an interesting idea. This thing started the whole concept of Hashtag. And also  Twitter is slowly evolving and people are continuously sharing their updates.  If any events happening in any city and people are twitting about and sharing their thoughts. So if you check out some hashtag you will be able to see the what people are writing about the event or what are their opinion regarding the event.
Source:- venngage

Finally in 2009 Twitter officially add the hyperlink in the hashtag. So people can filter the tweets related to the hashtag. By just one click you can filter all tweets related to that hashtag.

This is the original beginning of the hashtag, from one idea through which users can filter or search, if put hash in front of any text. If people follow some hashtag they actually came to know about what other people are writing

Then in 2010, Twitter introduced its trending list in which also twitter utilize hashtags to display all top trending and popular hashtags which people are using around you. This is how the hashtag is started on Twitter.

Then Instagram started using the hashtag in 2011, Facebook adopted it in 2013. Recently in 2016 Youtube also start using Hashtags in video titles and description efficiently. This all about hashtag's beginning and history.

Nowadays many brands also use it to share their message all across. And every official event has its hashtag to encourage people to use it and to increase their reach so that they can know what thoughts are people putting regarding that event. Various hashtags are used in different events.

All in all, Hashtag is a very interesting as well as popular tool. There are many benefits also so that you can follow all your needed content.

But many people are still not clear about the hashtags. They put space between hashtags, put a hash(#) before every word that doesn't make any sense. If you really wanna use a hashtag see that it is already existing or not. If you wish to create a new hashtag create it in a way so that other people can also use it in the future and also you can track it. Putting hash before every word like #my #life #cool whatever it is, it doesn't make any sense.

Now its all up to you how you use Hashtags. Overuse of it is also not good. But if you know specifically for what you are using it, what is its the significance it why you are using it. In that case definitely it very interesting and powerful tool.

Hashtags are also been used in the offline world just like online for popularity and also to show some message. If you are sitting in some office and if see around you may see some hashtag around you.

If we use it properly is very amazing and powerful tool. It can be very useful also.

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