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Good news for both Google Drive and WhatsApp users: from November starting, you need not sacrifice with the storage space of Drive to backup your messages and get free storage for your chats.

WhatsApp backup's get free on Google Drive

Till now, any WhatsApp data that has been backup on the Google Drive consume separate space that counted against the space in the cloud. But Whatsapp, a Facebook-owned company, made a deal under which users get completely free backups even then they into your personal account. You can keep your data without having any worry about the storage space in Drive.

It becomes really handy to keep tabs of all your chats if you switch or lost your phone that you use on regular basis for messaging.

The notification came via email unexpectedly,  xda-developers:
source:- xda-developers
For the qualification of the new WhatsApp backup plan, you’ll need to update your backups at least once per year. The new policy will come into effect for all users on November 12th, according to the notification, with some users likely to get it earlier.

The email from the Google Drive team also advises users to manually back up WhatsApp before that date in order to avoid losing any data.

All-in-all the deal is beneficial for all the users who keep plenty of backup data with Google Drive, that I think most of does. This will definitely save you some precious storage space i.e gigabytes.

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