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In this article, I am going to give you some tips to save battery life of your smartphone. These will help you to increase the battery life of your phone. So, here are some tips to save and increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Tips to Increase Battery life

  • Radio's - In your phone, there is another network but there some more networks in our phones such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC etc. And we knowingly or unknowingly turn them on without any use. There is no WiFi hotspot near you but still, your phone's WiFi is On, you transfer some file to someone and your Bluetooth is On.Why? They are consuming battery so turn them off when you are not using them.

  • Apps Updates - If you go to Play Store settings you got the option of Auto-Update. Let it turn off.  As if your phone's battery is low and some new updates arrive and you are seeing your phone and download speed is also low it consumes your phone's battery life and you don't need that updates. So, turn Auto update off which will help you save some battery.

  • Touch Sounds - Sound and vibration feedback turn them off. The sound that generates whenever you touch on the screen or during typing or turn on/off. Turn off these sound feedback. What's the need for them? As every time it is consuming some energy. You will get different settings of them. Turn off all the extra or unwanted sound feedback sound. It also saves some of your phone's battery life.

  • Screen - As you may know screen consume's most battery on our phone's. Here are some points:-
    • Auto-Brightness - Turn off your auto brightness. Use manual option adjust screen brightness. In this, there is a sensor which detects your surrounding location and adjusts brightness. So, it's better to use manual mode which helps you save some battery.
    • Screen Timeout - Time period after that your phone's screen turn off. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes, 5 minutes or more. During this, some notification occurs and you check it and it takes same time period again to turn off. As it consumes more energy and decreases your phone's battery life. So, decrease screen timeout time period to 15-20 seconds.

  • Wallpaper effect - Do not use live wallpapers on your phone because it consumes more energy as compared to the static image. Use static images as wallpaper boost your phone battery life. And your phone has AMOLED or OLED screen you should use plain black wallpaper which saves some battery.

  • Data Usage - There are many apps those are consuming data in the background. So, you can disable background data for selected apps. For Example, Facebook notifies you every single minute and send you notification updates. This you do manually when you next time opens Facebook. So, you disable data for such that disturb you which help you to save some battery life. Let those enable which are important to you and disable all other apps data.

  • Fake Chargers - Beware of fake chargers or duplicate chargers. Use original charger to charge your phone. Try not to use a duplicate or fake charger. Best is to use original but you can also use a Branded charger or Third-party or OEM charger. Otherwise, the battery does not charge properly and can damage your phone's battery.
So, these are some few tips that help you improve and save your phone's battery life. Hope you like these tips and try these to save the battery of your phone. Thank you


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