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In this article, I am going to tell you about things that you should not do on your Android. Some of these things we are doing daily on our Android. But we shouldn't do these things. So, here are the things we shouldn't do on our Android.

 Things you Should NEVER do on Android

Things Should NEVER do on Android

List of things that can affect your Android.
  • Install apps from Unknown Sources - Want apps!! download from Google Play Store. Why from any other sites? Because if you download apk's or apps from different websites it can affect your privacy and may leak your data or information. As Google has no control over such apps so you don't know what's hidden in them. So, always use Google Play Store to download apps.

  • Killing apps from Recent Apps menu - This is the most common thing we all had done. Again and again, after every few minutes, we swipe apps left or right from the recent apps menu. Thinking RAM is cleaning, phone's speed is increasing but it's not true. Killing apps from Recent Apps menu are harmful to your phone because it put a load on your phone's processor and battery. Android is smart enough as it can free memory automatically when needed. For example, if you kill an app and then you restart the app it will start from 0, complete data will load again which becomes a load for the processor as well as affect your phone's battery. So, leave the apps is good for your Android.

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  • Using an AntivirusAntivirus?? We all thing have an antivirus is very necessary for Android. But the fact is Android does not need an antivirus. As long we downloading from a trusted source there is no need for antivirus. That's a different thing for PC or Laptops they must need a good antivirus. If any antivirus is providing some more features that are different thing otherwise Android doesn't need any antivirus. If you install an antivirus it will affect your processor, battery. So, don't use an antivirus.

  • Using Battery SaversWe want battery a day long from morning to night fully charged. That's why we start using battery savers. But do you know what Battery Savers do? They do the same thing I told you above not to do i.e. Killing apps from the Recent Apps menu. So, ultimately they harm your phone's processor and battery so does not use a battery saver. And ya its performs some more basic tasks like turn off Bluetooth, Wifi or GPS. But I think these tasks we can do our own. For this, I think there is no need for Battery Savers.

  • Installing Fake AppsFake like many people want to play GTA5 or something like that on their on their Android. GTA5 is not running on PC's without a graphics card and people want it on their Android. How it came true? Their many copies of original App. So. be aware of such apps they are not harmful to your phone but there is always an issue with permissions. Some claim that they can enable fingerprint scanner or iris scanner on your phone. But it's not true if your phone doesn't have a fingerprint scanner how they can enable it. So, don't download such apps.

  • Clearing Cache memory - Do not use A, B, C or any other cleaner to clear cache memory. Clearing cache memory is using some cleaner app is not at all a good thing to do. Cache memory stores tempory data. For example, if you use Google Maps to search some areas its data is stored on your phone so that if you search these areas again they will not load again from the internet it quick show the results. Ya if there is a serious need for memory on your phone only when you clear it. But for clearing cache you don't need any app you can do it yourself from the settings.

  • Not Restarting your Phone - It's true that our phones are made to for a long time. They are made to work continuously many days regularly. But some we should restart our occasionally. For example, once in a week or month, or once in 10-15 days. We should restart our phone. It's really healthy for our Android. So, for use do restart you once a while.

So, these are some things you should never do on your Android. Hope you like the tips what you should not do on your Android and you will follow them.

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