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Some of the little business owners are already been utilizing WhatsApp for communication with their customers. But is not very appropriate for Business. So WhatsApp made WhatsApp Business Application and had made a custom variant of WhatsApp to meet their business needs. 

The excellent thing is the fact the fact that it is free to use for both little and Medium companies. They can Charge the Enterprise range companies. Business Profile - An easy About section and telephone number might be a profile for People, but is insufficient for Company. With the WhatsApp Business application, now you can showcase a small business profile.

You can add your Physical shop address, Category of the company, Opening hours, e-mail address and website to your profile. Your customer can see all these information and immediately interact with it such as View your sore Email or map you. 

Automated Away Message - In WhatsApp company, you are also able to set a custom Away message such as: Hey, we're not available at the moment. We'll get back to you ASAP. Thus, when someone messages you, however, you are Busy or Not readily available to reply, the Away message you have set is automatically sent to them.

To set your Off message open WhatsApp company and Go to Settings small business settings Away message - you will likely lose a customer should you not respond to their messages. Therefore, The Away message can avoid such matters. Automated message - cool feature and Another instrument of WhatsApp company is your Greeting message. 

When a brand new client messages you for the very first time, they'll automatically get a Greeting message you've set. Greeting message will also be delivered after 2 weeks of no activity from a customer. Quick Replies - This is the most effective feature of WhatsApp business app.

Quick answers are the more common Replies\answers for FAQs you can set and use them quickly by using a Forward slash followed by Keyword. Add a quick response: You can go add a Quick response by going to Settings small business settings Quick replies and click + sign. 

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For instance, you would like To set a fast reply to Payment reminder. You simply go to Quick responses settings as said above and also under Message enter Your payment is pending. So please pay ASAP and also under Shortcut enter the pay and also tap Save. So if a customer hasn't paid for your order, you just type \pay and it will show the whole message you have set earlier.

You simply select the fact the fact the fact that message and send it instead of typing the whole message. Labels: Categorize Customers - When you're conducting business, you've to organize things systematically. This is where Labels characteristic comes in handy.

With labels, you may easily divide Client chats to different classifications like Unpaid orders, New clients, Completed orders and also see them by label name. So may easily see, how many more orders you've Pending and who've Paid yet.

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