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Usually, we heard that apps make a phone "Smart" - but most of us, still use the browser most of the times. Both Google and Apple understand this, that's why both their default browsers are really good. Safari still popular with iOS users and Google Chrome in Android. There are many other browsers that are quite popular among Android user. Third party alternatives are better in some things, such as add-ons, which make worthwhile.

Some Best free Browsers:

Google Chrome

Chrome is the default browser for Android and is good enough in some places. Chrome allows the user to all its data across different devices and platforms - all your bookmarks and passwords. the browser also has voice search and data compression feature. Besides some drawbacks, like little customization option, it's quite good. 

Mozilla Firefox   

Firefox offers a smooth browsing experience and it has a big number of add-ons. These add-ons made the browser more flexible. As it allows you to block ads, manage your passwords, or create custom gestures for common action such opening new tab(s). It also lets the user save articles for offline reading and provide various customization options. 

UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most popular Android browsers. It has some really cool features that make it so popular and also improves the browsing experience of the user. As it preloads the web pages so they load quickly. It also tries to manage the downloads and automatically resumes them if there is a problem in Internet Connection.

Opera Mini 

Opera Mini is another commonly used browser. the app takes up to 4MB after installation. It allows data compressing and lets you reduce the quality of images on websites. The full Opera browser has these features, and also much better interface, but it takes up more resources as well.

Some Related Browsers: 


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