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What is Antivirus Software?
Antivirus software was initially created to identify and evacuate PC infections, subsequently the name. In any case, with the multiplication of different sorts of malware, antivirus software began to give assurance from other PC dangers. 

Specifically, present-day antivirus programming can shield from malignant browser helper objects (BHOs), ransomware, keyloggers, rootkits, trojan stallions, worms, noxious LSPs, dialers, adware, and spyware. 

A few items likewise incorporate security from other PC dangers, for example, contaminated and malicious URLs, spam, trick and phishing assaults, online character (protection), web-based managing an account assault, social designing strategies, advanced persistent threat (APT) and botnet DDoS assaults.

When and which antivirus scan?
To protect the system, it is important to routinely scan it with an antivirus program. That is why this is an important feature of your system. And also you should choose best free antivirus or may be paid for your system. In this case, as a user, you should know how many antivirus scanning are and how they differ from each other. 

The right type of antivirus scanning information will be helpful for the protection of the device.
Source:- How-To Geek
Types of scanning
An antivirus usually scans in three ways. Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Rapid or Quick Scan, also called Smart Scan. Know how these scans work and when should be used. 

Full Scan
It does full scanning inside and outside of your system. Through this, your system's hard drive, removable storage, and network drives with RAM, system backup, startup folder etc. are scanned. Full scanning may take a few hours depending on the store data in the system. 

When to do - Security Experts believe that once every two weeks the system should be fully scanned. If this is not possible, a full scan is important once a month to protect the system. 

Custom Scan
Here you can select the location to scan and prevent antivirus from scanning other drives. 

When to do it - Scan this to quickly enlarge each drive. This is a reliable way of checking external storage and removable media.

Smart Scan
This virus scans only the infected files and hence it is completed in less time and scans the same files which have been modifiable after the previous scan. 

When to do - Smart Scan is a daily work tool that completes the work in a few minutes. It keeps the whole picture of your system health in front of you. In such a situation, you can get it done whenever you want.

Schedule Scan
You can also use schedule scan as well through which you can select the time when you want to scan your system and antivirus automatically did it for you. Well, this feature is available in most of the antivirus apps nowadays. If you are facing some problem in setting up schedule scan so you can check out your respective antivirus's support blog.

So mainly these are few types that found on an antivirus although every antivirus comes with some different scans and virus protection features. Hope you use these scans wisely to protect your system from virus.


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