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Microsoft's most popular computer operating system, Microsoft Windows has recently updated several new features by updating Windows 10, keeping in mind the convenience of users. Along with the update, in addition to the timeline in Windows 10, features such as NearByShare Sharing, Quick Bluetooth Pairing, Dictation have been included, and that too without making big changes to the platform. Know latest windows 10 updated these new features. 

Time Line

The new feature of Time Line in Windows 10 has been replaced by the Task View button. With this help, you can see the history of the apps or software used in the last 30 days. Not only this, you can see the smartphone browser history on the PC by combating Timeline with iOS and Android Microsoft Edge. 

If you do not want to show in the task view of your documents, apps and activity history, then Microsoft will disable device sync by default and you will be able to disable activity history. 

Nearby sharing

With this feature, you can turn on Bluetooth pairing and share websites, photos, or documents with your Windows 10 devices faster and easier than email. This feature is by default disabled and you can set it up and share it only with your devices or connect to all the surrounding devices. 

Focus Assist

Do-Knot-disturb mode has been updated to Windows 10. If the feature named Focus hours is busy, the notifications are automatically abbreviated. Not only this, your email, message, or other notifications in front of everyone in the conference room prevents you from displaying. 

Password Recovery

It was necessary to remember your password when signing a Microsoft account on a PC with a local administrator account because then only password recovery was required for Microsoft account. Now after this update, you can set up three security questions for the local account which will be able to recover the password by answering. 

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Changes in gaming

Now you will be able to customize graphics performance in every game, making it easy to set the game on high performance or power saving. This feature will be especially useful when you can not reach the best performance in the game to save the battery while playing a game on a laptop. 


Different types of dictation tools are present in Windows, but now it has been improved in the update of Windows 10. You will now be able to launch the dictation built-in tool by pressing the HK button with Windows and launching shortcuts and decrypting any app. By using Mike it will give even better results.

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