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The technology world is buzzing with the news of Google’s Android P that was declared at latest Google I/O 2018, an annual developer conference held by Google in Mountain View, California. Android P is the upcoming ninth major version of the Google Android OS. It had been first declared by Google on March 7, 2018, and the first developer preview was released on the same day. 

Nevertheless, the second preview, considered beta quality, was released on May 8, 2018. Just a couple of hours following the unveiling of Google Android P, folks started drawing a comparison between the features of Google Android P and Apple iOS. Currently, with this brand new OS, Google is promising to look after 3 categories: Simpleness, Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing.

Android P Beta

Eligible Devices for Android P Beta update

The Android P Beta kicked off on Tuesday ie on May 8, and unlike previous years limited to only Googles Nexus or even Pixel apparatus, third-party cellular phones are invited.

People with a Google Pixel or Pixel 2, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Additionally, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21 or Vital PH1 can head to the Google Android beta test page to enroll their apparatus. These phone users can install Android P Beta available now. The OnePlus 6, that has yet to start, will also be included in the Google Android P beta.

Who else will get it?

The issue with Android updates is that it frequently takes so long as a year before third-party manufacturers push out important versions. Google is attempting to solve this by giving early access to Qualcomm, that makes a lot of the smartphone chips, as well as third-party manufacturers.

Android P promises to be the fastest upgrade to Non-Google apparatus yet, but notable absentees to the initiative are the two biggest Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and Huawei.

Features of Google Android P

1. UI changes

Every new version of Google Android brings several new design components as well as UI changes and Android P is not any different. Quick toggles have been updated to now utilize circular components. The top bar is now in black which could be beneficial in concealing the notch on phones that game them.

Pull the notification shade down and you'll see a brand new option named Manage notifications that quickly gives you complete control over application notifications. Move into the Settings application and you'll notice that icon are now in color which looks more appealing visually.

2. A new approach to navigation

With Android P, Google has taken the initial step towards gesture-based navigation. Whilst the traditional 3 buttons are available for navigation, you can change to having a single bar observable and use gestures for navigation. Swipe on the pub once and it opens latest applications, swipe again to open the application drawer.

We also observed a long swipe lets you get the application drawer directly. The back button isn't eternally available all of the time but appears in its original place when there's an option to take a step back again.

3. Adaptive brightness and Adaptive Battery

Adaptive brightness is the latest feature where the telephone learns the way you adjust brightness levels in various conditions and does this automatically.

One other addition is Adaptive Battery which Google claims will assist improve battery life on Android cellular phones. This feature uses artificial intelligence and on-device system learning to learn application usage patterns and optimizes apps consumption of tools so.

4. Android Dashboard and App Timer

The Dashboard feature introduced in Android P is principally a visual representation of the user's smartphone usage. It is going to display what applications the user has been utilizing actively and for how long. You might also see just how many notifications you get. This will assist the consumer get a notion of just how their time is consumed on the smartphone.

5. App actions and Slices

Android Oreo has the application suggestion feature that uses AI to indicate applications that you're probably to utilize. Google has enlarged this attribute and now suggestions for actions as well. For Example, if it learns that you Speak to a buddy throughout the afternoon, it’ll pop a suggestion to call that contact in the App Store.

Slice is similar to actions, however, is a larger UI component that can help users do one or more measure at a time. Slices are interactive snippets and may only be acquired via Google search at that moment. For example, kind Lyft or Uber within the search bar and with the application shortcut, then you'll see options to book a cab for home or for office. It'll also include space, price and estimated time of arrival.

6. Better control over audio

Right until Android Oreo, we saw the quantity rockers always controlled the ringer volume, unless you'd websites playing. In Android P, the quantity buttons control the press quantity by default and you also get a shortcut to toggle between different ringer profiles. 

The position of this slider has also been changed and it appears on the face of the screen where the hardware buttons are present. In addition, you can rapidly hold the volume up and power button anytime to switch the telephone to vibrate mode.

Other bonus features of Android P

There are a couple of other nifty features as well, such as the orientation change button that lets users change screen orientation quickly. These assists users rotate the display even when auto rotate is switched off. When the telephone finds that the telephone orientation has changed, it exhibits a toggle button in the navigation bar at the bottom allowing users to change orientation with one tap. Other features include a brand new way of carrying a screenshot which could be done by long pressing the power button and picking screenshot from the power menu.

On the launcher, Google has moved the search bar from the crest of the screen to the bottom making it easy to reach. The business has also improved its smart text selection feature it introduced Android Oreo to support applications beyond Google's own.

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