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Over a billion people use Google Chrome as an internet browser. Chrome occupies 58 percent of the browser market share. In India too millions of people use chrome. So now it is good news for Chrome users that Microsoft launches anti-malware technology based window defender which supports Google Chrome. 

Microsoft also claims to get 99% protection on their Edge browser using this extension. In a promotional page, Microsoft highlights that Edge blocks 99% phishing attacks while Chrome identifies only 87% of them. NSS Labs 2017 Web Browser Security Comparative Reports provides these stats. 
Windows Defender stops phishing on Google Chrome
Source:- TheVerge

How it works

Chrome user will have to download the Window Defender Browser Protection Extension from Chrome Web Store. Now Window Defender will monitor all the websites that are suspicious and as soon as you have reached a website which is dangerous for your PC, you will get a warning on the screen and Chrome is automatically protected from that page and the safe page will reload. 

Also important to know 

After activating the window defender, it will save your surfing history on window's or Microsoft's server. That is, they will know which sites and videos you watch. In such a situation, you have to decide whether the history is more important or PC data and safety. I think it also works like Truecaller on based on crowdsourcing in which a users data is used for helping another user. So, let's see how it goes for Microsoft's Window Defender Browser Protection.

The position of web-browser 

in April 2017-18 in India, Chrome's market share is about 48%. According to the State Counter website, the position of browsers in India is such - 
Chrome 48.07% 
UC 33.48% 
Opera 7.06% 
Firefox 2.58% 
Safari 2.31% 
Samsung Internet 2.02%

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