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Google has rolled out a characteristic in Maps which will turn any ride into an enjoyable trip as users are now able to incorporate a Mario Kart on the navigation port when utilizing the program. 

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We know a real Mario enthusiast whenever we see one. They hum the Super Mario Bros. Background music on repeat, daydream about collecting gold coins and 1-UP mushrooms and need nothing more than to cross the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi to save Princess Peach from Bowser. To celebrate our treasured mustachioed plumber turned racer on his special day, MAR10 Day, we have collaborated with the group at Nintendo to allow Mario accompany you on all your driving adventures on Google Maps this week.

Munish Dabas, the User Experience Engineer at Google Maps, stated company has collaborated with the team at Japanese video game company Nintendo to allow Mario accompany you on all your driving adventures on Google Maps this week. The business is observing the mustachioed plumber turned racer on his particular day MAR10 Day, also known as March 10. He explained in a blog article late on Friday. 

The Mario version of Google Maps will not be as thrilling as Mario Kart, but it is still pretty awesome. Your navigation arrow turns right into Mario in his kart and helps you to your destination. 

Other motorists won't be capable to hurl reddish shells or fireballs at you. You will not suddenly find ink all over your windshield. And should you be in the front of a line of vehicles, you won't have to think about blue shells crushing your dreams. The Way to get Mario on your Google Maps today

The Mario themed Google Maps program will operate for a complete week on both Android and iOS phones. It is very easy to get started and get Mario on your Google maps: 

 Ensure that your Google Maps program is up to date. 

 Whenever load up Google Maps and enter a destination, rather than pressing start press the yellow?. Icon. This summons Mario. 

 If you're really tired, press the yellow?. 100 times to hear that create the     1-up sound from the Super Mario Bros games.

Let us a go! 

Once enabled, users will notice that the regular navigation arrow has morphed into Mario, the 1990 video game character. And that is pretty much it. Just remember not to stare too long at the small man in his small kart. Eyes on the road, motorists. Driving is not any game. Unless this is, you're really playing Mario Kart.

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