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Microsoft on Friday announced the most recent Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 1762 3 for Windows Insiders. While the construct brings particular significant upgrades like support for HEIF and WDAG improvements, there's a rather interesting upgrade in the General changes. 

Microsoft showed it will soon start testing a change where the links clicked on inside the Windows Mail application will open in Microsoft Edge. This means will open in Microsoft Edge no matter what external links in Windows Mail will redirect to Edge. The default browser on the PC article, claims that this change will be put in the position because Microsoft Edge offers the best, most secure and consistent experience on Windows 10

Because Microsoft Edge offers the best, most secure and consistent experience on Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox, etc. Links for users with default browsers set on Chrome, which will wind up interrupting a clutter-free experience. 

Speaking of other significant will open up in Edge - a move, as well as the native Photos application features in Windows 10 Insider Preview, Build 1762 3, Windows 10. Users need to combine are getting support for HEIF image format ought to the Windows App Preview Program and to use the upgrade. Be running March release of the Photos app from File Explorer as nicely. 

Introducing High-Efficiency Image File Format in Windows 10

The High-Efficiency Image File Format has arrived for Windows 10 along with the Photos app! HEIF is an image container that leverages modern codecs such as HEVC to improve quality, compression, and capacities in contrast to previous formats such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG. As well as traditional single pictures, HEIF supports the encoding of image sequences, picture collections, auxiliary pictures like the alpha or depth maps, live pictures & video, audio, and HDR for greater contrast. We've heard your comments that these features along with the capability to share pictures easily with some other programs are significant to you. 

This release we're delivering essential viewing support. In order to do this out, you have to combine the Windows App Preview Program for your Photos application and ensure you're operating the March release of the Photos app. 

This variant of the Photos application was updated for RS4 to help to view the key image within a HEIF file and also guide the install of dependencies like the HEIF and HEVC networking extensions from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, these networking extensions allow HEIF visualization in Photos as well as thumbnails and metadata from File Explorer. 

In addition, any application that uses WIC, WinRT Imaging APIs, or the XAML Image control can now add comparable support for viewing a single HEIF picture.

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Windows Mixed Reality

With this construct, the Windows Mixed Reality Team would like to let you know about a few known problems as you try the brand new Windows Mixed Reality characteristics: We are investigating reports of a performance regression for Windows Mixed Reality on hybrid laptops on this construct. In several cases, the messenger programs will fail to load interior of Windows Mixed Reality and recently placed Holograms could be vacant. 

Restarting Windows Mixed Reality should solve both problems. Occasionally there might be a long delay and a restart of mixed reality in the transition to another place. Considering that the last construct, the following bugs should be fixed: the surround sound in Skyloft should currently the correct volume. Launching the Store from Movies & TV should no longer crash either app. 360 videos need to render correctly within the Edge application, and the 360 Viewer could be found from straight from the Store app. 

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